Whisky of the Year 2017

*UPDATE* Group Stages Added 30/11/17

Welcome to the No Nonsense Whisky of the Year for 2017.

Here, we do things a little differently. We don’t just look at brand new stuff, no!

Below are a list of ‘rules’ that allow a dram to qualify and how you can get involved in choosing the Community winner for this year.

  • First and foremost, the whisky must have been covered on the channel in the last year.
  • No exclusions to borders (or even years in cask) are applied. We even allow new make and young malts!
  • There are no categories this year. Just a winner and runner up.

All the contenders will be broken down into groups with two whiskies advancing to the next round. All these groups will be posted for voting on twitter and facebook.

Polls will be placed regularly so don’t forget to check my social often!

Voting starts on December 1st so make sure you check back regularly to get a vote in!

As there were so many drams this year it’s broken down as such:

  • The first round is group stages. 14 randomly generated groups of 4.
  • The top two from each will progress to the next round. Results will be randomised again.
  • To make 32, the top voted whiskies that didn’t make the cut will also progress.
  • From then on it’s 1vs1 knockout until but one stands victorious!

The winner will be announced on December 28th via a YouTube video that will be posted here (and throughout my social).

Group Stage (results)

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 17.58.29

Knockout brackets


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